After 6 months of waiting..

We finally our wedding photos. Yup! 6 months of patience-test. Hahahaha. Ok let’s do this final review before I can wrap up my whole wedding-thingajy even though dah basi lah k, dah gemok gedempol pon!

We got the Husb+Wife team for our actual day as we had booked them way in advance during our photo+video hunt. On actual day itself came another Chinese photographer who was their ‘understudy’, just to let him have a feel of what and how Malay wedding is done. Extra photographer = extra photos no? No lah, but thanks to him we had gotten some nice shots that were uploaded to his IG/FB before our official photos were out. Yani and the videographer (didn’t get his name) was at my side while Isk was at the husb’ side before nikah and we all came together during the whole event. They made us feel comfortable and at ease even though we had to pose very awkwardly (cheek to cheek/nose to nose) infront of our relatives (dah halal) but still shy shy cat whatt. Nak hold hands pon segan! Pair them up with our awesome stay-thruout-MUA Kak Nuris = pecah perot kind of day! They were not very calculative when we exceeded the hours by abit (I can be quite meticulous about such things; we were supposed to end shoot by 6 as the extra hour was from 5pm to 6pm, but we left the MPH at 505 and only started to take photos about 520 or so? We ended at 635 and that meant we had exceeded by 35 minutes, so I told her we should just pay extra hour and continue til 7pm. But they told us not to waste money and that it was not good to stay at such places till 7pm since little Azra was around. So it was really alhamdulillah for the flexibility!)

We didn’t expect to wait this long for our photos, TBH. We had asked how long was the waiting period to receive them prior to signing the contract but no definitive answers were given. Checked around and most of them receive about 3-4 months after event. Fair enough. But what I feel could have been better is them being upfront about the waiting time and response rate (I sound like Facebook). It took them a long time to reply our messages but we had that much faith in them to have our products be the best it could be that the wait will be worth it. So when we were given the choice to choose the color of our printed photobook, we were excited… LIKE FINALLY.

And on the day we collected our albums, it was with such surprise that we were given 2 albums instead of 1 because she said there were just too many photos that they could not squeeze all of it in! And when we browsed through the DVDs for the soft copy version, we took 2 hrs ++ just to browse through DAY 1. That’s also one of the reasons why I took them; they will return back ALL shots taken on the event day even though the shots are not included in the album. Good ya? The other packages that we saw will only return soft copies of the shots printed and in the album given. So there were some funny but still nice shots that was worth laughing at hehehe.

(But till as of today, we still have not collected this + our video. Its okay because it’s already uploaded online!)

And was it worth the wait?

12034307_10152953669951557_400955969945442440_o 11999781_10152953693586557_2101473864950423676_o His side is very the emotional+tears kind whereas my side is what you call ‘tough love’. Pepagi buta before we left for nikah je dah boleh bertekak hahaha until Kak Nuris asked me to CAAALM DOOWNN.  12032914_10152953671541557_8353428356354394972_o Bye nak pergi kahwin11999729_10152953677281557_7860904927286839563_o12034376_10152953696361557_627262318169909505_o

12030381_10152953700076557_626350771212055383_o 12027172_10152953734076557_2092719632603953149_o 11230123_10152953746906557_2471511572724571947_o

My horrendous pelamin. Sighs x100000


Kids berkat done by sister! 12006452_10152953750121557_414270702882064347_oAdult berkats! Super love the mix nuts, my families loved it until some took the whole original bag back when we had extras 😀11951436_10152953745721557_2588930418774374123_o

12032653_10152953757306557_9135706418749255370_oBibik and my cousin (in red) was the ice-cream ladies of the day!

12039045_10152953757821557_4426104724525777351_oOh dear sanggul, thank God I could tahan you. It was not bad, really. It could move and jiggle.12039053_10152953758311557_6328388556486409917_oAlways getting ‘scolded’ by MUA and photographers; “Eh hello ingat sikit dengan suami awak tu jangan jalan menonong!” Haha prove that I was always leaving my husband behind cos I am used to walking fast. Kene tinggal je.12031580_10152953760136557_4580380551748685652_oThe BIL and cousins getting ready for warrrrrr. 12017630_10152953808721557_6882131862315209962_o11850462_10152953763861557_6685740583327933987_o 12015203_10152953767251557_5217301444809099387_o This is my “You think you can pass through meh” face 12038653_10152953767401557_7316705529811730638_oAnd this is the “oh shit” face11227543_10152953808991557_4149883766899561085_o11999791_10152953749901557_8623713343439907800_o

The girls made the boys dance to Zapin which Sri Mahligai initially just played the rhythm on the rebana but the violin (if I rem correctly) joined as well. Sigh can I ever express how much I love their songs and how professional they were? I’ve watched some other ‘newer’ bands of similar genre but mistakes~~ mistakes~~ everywhere. To someone who’d perform for shows for years, rhythms and tones are my  (and husb’s) forte. So must must be perfect.12010565_10152953825341557_1311899983635638836_o Can sit together tanak tengok each other lah pulak12027166_10152953788086557_7909208749987712675_oMy cousin silat for us. Love love this shot together with our kompang Ukiran Rentak, which was ON BEAT always. Though we felt bad that they had to wait for quite a while as we were late 😦

11950162_10152953850001557_8276925592545702517_oHantu sudah naik liao.

11924380_10152953851186557_6627623934028842116_oMy last bridesmaid who rushed from her cousin’s wedding! ❤

11953511_10152953864181557_4972066159486240472_o The boys are unstoppable. 12027209_10152954733676557_9179912506110187035_oK tukar baju favourite!12015175_10152954733936557_6103482162336633003_o Madah reaching for her astronaut boyfriend12029657_10152954734241557_2040179669681176861_oBoys still in the mood to dance.

12010730_10152954734631557_7881614452120751545_o 12015142_10152954862001557_6281860852354888426_oGot to credit my sister @Whimsiwhisk for whipping the dessert table up! The effort that she took (had to book a hotel in Changi area to assemble the items instead of her home as she stays in Toh Guan) to bring everything to the venue.. I give AAA++. Too bad we only got to taste a little bit. The rest entah ke mana~ And If only she had more pompoms to spare I’d have asked her to make more of those big flowers so I can rip apart the fake ones on the pelamin. Now THAT is HUGE, Elly. Not your plastic ones.11223828_10152954867916557_9029459376694534154_o 11999751_10152953734706557_159276712323047622_o 12017450_10152953734781557_4018830447854922758_o 12034324_10152953734601557_6663684840333318192_o

Looking and thinking back, I think I should have prepared a speech eh? I’m not someone who expresses this kinds of thank yous in person esp to my family members so you wont expect me to tear up that kind of thing, but I wished I had prepared a more formal speech for my family and husband. Though the chances of my mom listening to the speech is very low (she was actually still running around the MPH and only stopped to wave when I called out to her), I still feel I should have done it. Oh well~

So yes, to me, I’m glad the end products are what we expected. Captured all the moments that we would have loved to be captured, and that was only the snippets. The second waiting (hopefully not to long) game to collect the remaining videos continues. Alhamdulillah.

Let’s end the post with a very non-demure pic of us. Penat k jadi macam perempuan melayu terakhir je.12034308_10152955776661557_1418952314647434515_oSo what’s next? Well, we’ll see, dear blog 🙂


20 thoughts on “After 6 months of waiting..

  1. The pictures turned out so so beautiful! And you looked beautiful! 😀 (Plus, I think your Photographer did a great job cz as much as you dislike E.lly’s pelamin, I think in picture, it looked good!)

    1. Hehehe yeah I didn’t want to spam too many photos so I just put in my faves. I love the color combi too! My sudden love for yellow is questionable cos I used to hate it and it falls pale on my skin. But its now one of my fave colors heee.

  2. Hi, how long did they then reply to your msges? I am cureentry having the same issue as you. Haven’t been getting any response from them. And it’s nearly 6months.

    1. Oh dear… No replies at all for 6 months? Maybe you can drop by their place directly? That’s what we initially wanted to do but they replied after a while. Have u tried Facebook / IG/ calls to either one of them?

      1. There is a reply but after I last texted them on the July, no reply. I trust them but it’s so worrying when there’s no reply. Nope I didn’t contact them via fb/ig or call. I only texted the husband.

  3. Hi, i am also currently having the same issue, no reply from them. My husband called and they did not answer the phone. Yani left a text msg saying she is handing over to Iskandar cos she is holding a full time job now. And no reply from then on….

    Please do share your updates.. Thanks

    1. Oh gosh not again…. I really hope you girls can chase them for your photos! Go down to their house if you need to, maybe? But tu pon cannot confirm you can get hold of them. We once went down after they made an appointment with us for our videos but they totally forgot and had another appt with another client at a nearby coffeeshop at the same time. Hmmm

      1. Miraculously, Yani replied yesterday

        “I am sorry for the late reply. Not my intention to ignore but I really do have a lot on my plate at the moment. Please be assured we will definitely honour our word and commitment to the both of you.

        Please give us a lil more time to deliver the deliverables to the both of you. As mentioned, Iskandar is handling all business matters on his own.. We are seeking kind understanding from the both of you.. I understand the contract states 16-24weeks of waiting time. However, we need a couple more weeks extension for the printing to be done..”

        Well I have looked thru the documents which i have signed, none of the documents stated anything on 16-24 weeks waiting time.

        Are you girls aware of this clause?

        But i kept mum about it as i do not wish to strain the relationship further. I just want my photos back asap.

        overall i was not happy with the experience working with them as they are constantly having punctuality issue, even on my big day!

      2. They were punctual on my wedding day but its not stated in my contracts previously regarding the waiting period. Sigh hope you girls get it soon!! I got married end March 2015 and got my photos only in October. Same like you I didnt wanna make a big hoohaa cos I still want my products, so hopefully its worth the wait ya!

    2. Oh my how many months already from your wedding date? My wedding was in mid March. In my document it state 16-18 weeks. I hope we get our photos soon.

      1. Hi Nrsyrh,

        Nope, no news from then on. We requested them to give us an estimation instead of an open ended range of weeks, but no reply from them. I just have to keep waiting I guess.

        Have you gotten any updates?

      2. Hello, any good news to share? I just whatsapped Yani this week.. as usual… no reply :((

        I hope i dont receive the photos as wedding anniversary “present”

        The waiting game is really exhausting my patience

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