/blows dusts off this blog

It’s been a while since I got down to blogging. I cant believe that we will be turning 1 year in about a month’s time! My gosh, how time flies. Started this blog for memories sake on my preparations and now we’re turning ONE soon? And nope, no baby tumtum yet although my increase in weight makes me look like there IS a baby inside huhuhu! I gained 5kg since the wedding while my husband gained….. 10kg!! Gemok per ini anak! Also to blame is his working hours lah. Events mah, so bo pian alot of days work 12 hours and still not much time-off or no OT. Gerams but its okay, asalkan rezeki halal and I get to spend every night with him! I don’t like shift work even though his salary is definitely more with OT and all, but more money but less time also for what? Now I think it’s just nice, spend within our means.
So we went for a staycation the other day at One°15 Marina! It was super last minute, and there was a deal through Agoda ($250 only!) for a Hill View Room. No rooms available for the Marina View (so can see kapal2 all) but better than nothing! Then we got a surprise upon check-in that they upgraded us to a one-bedroom suite! How sweeeeeet! I’ve never had any upgrades and this kind of perks before so this was such a pleasant surprise!
Free welcome drink 🙂 We actually smelled it first in case it was some alcoholic drink (takkan lah kan.. but just in case)
Our Porto Fino Suite!
Greeted to this!
Checking out the TV in the toilet. Yes we did utilise it while soaking together in the tub and watching Ellen. TMI tak? Hahaha
Not much of a view unless we open up the blinds in the toilet…
After check-in we immediately went for a dip! Went back up to change into our proper slippers and decided to walk at the boardwalk, admiring the boats. Some of the boats really looked like houses (which they are, actually!)
We just kept walking and walking and realised that there were no gates into some of the huge-ass condominiums there! Like literally you can just go into the compound or even the pool. So open! It was so nice but we can only dream (or maybe work hard enough! Change job, do business on our own)
And then we reached to this so-called end point of the condominiums but it led us to another community – THE MILLION DOLLAR BUNGALOWS! /starts to hyperventilate
The end of the stretch of condos, the start of the bungalowssssss
MasyaAllah MasyaAllah was the only thing that we could say. Most of the time we were just gasping and grabbing each other’s hands tightly because WALIAOWEY DAMN BIG SIA
He smsed his brother “We forgo out BTO flat” and he panicked, asking us why?
Then he sent him this photo. Mcm siak hahahaha
It started to get dark so no more photos, thought of coming to walk the next day but it was too hot. But still managed to take this photo below. You’d think that this is in USS, The Mummy ke haper, but NOOO it’s someone’s freaking house! Must be so obsessed with this isit? The ‘guards’ eyes were really beaming red, might be CCTV inside eh? And almost all of the houses are not gated, you can just cut through but of course you wouldn’t do that lah.
Balek dah penat, no food, thought of taking the shuttle back to Harbourfront or Vivocity but we were too tired. It’s really a great place to be away from the city, so be prepared to bring all your foods and treats there! Since no choice, we ordered in-house meal! We kept flipping the pages when suddenly they had Halal Options! Although not much variety, they had my favourite thing – Laksa! And Chicken for my husband. And I SWEAR THE LAKSA portion is DAMN HUGE and SEDAP GILAAAAAAAAAA!!! So so sedap I keep thinking about it yumyum!
Checked out at 12noon the next day and missing it already. I think this will be our to-go place for staycation already. Maybe we’ll try W hotel next, but it’s more expensive than this (wait for deals then huahuahua).
Once we reached our house area, found a Muslimah haircut salon and immediately went in to dye our hairs! Hahaha random per! But of course cannot post photos lah. 😛

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